Root down at the Ranch!

Fall is coming and it is the best time to root down and get grounded. Come kick off our new addition of health and wellness services and classes at Silver Springs Ranch. At Zen Barre, we like to "think outside of the box" or in this case "think outside of the studio," as we present to you waterside yoga classes where you can connect with nature to get some additional health and spiritual benefits!

This particular yoga class is located at Silver Springs Ranch in Harveys Lake PA. Yes, it's on a ranch located next to a natural spring pond with horses! The property features 78 majestic acres surrounded by open space, farmland, and rolling pastures with spectacular views with some of the most beautiful horses in the sport of harness racing.

These are not your typical yoga classes you can find inside our flagship studio. These classes will focus on the theme of water: fluidity, abundance, and spirituality. From dreams to intuition, magic and mystery, water holds endless inspiration. Much of the deepest waters are still unexplored leaving so much potential for new possibilities. Just like in our yoga practice, stepping outside of the box will allow room for growth and the potential for big magic to happen. Come root down with ZB at the Silver Springs Ranch.

Be sure to head over to Silver Springs Ranch -PA's facebook page to stay up to date on the all the events happening here.

Cost: $10.00 per person (no refunds).

567 Starhill Road
Harveys Lake, PA 18618